Kto pravdepodobne stojí za tlačením falošných dolárov

USA postupne obviňovali KĽDR, Irán, Sýriu z tlačenia falošných bankoviek. Nedávne vyšetrovanie Interpolu ukázalo, že za falšovaním bankoviek stojí pravdepodobne niekto celkom iný.

Washington accused North Korea of printing fake one hundred dollar bills known as “supernotes”. These bills, which are nearly identical to those printed by the mint, began appearing in 1989. Klaus W. Bender in The Week magazine says that North Korea had been “unfairly accused” of the counterfeiting, and that the US owes them an apology.

The report says that the US has accused several countries before finally settling on North Korea. Ever since the banknotes first started appearing in the Philippines, the US has accused whichever country it was mad at. First the suspicions centered on some of Iran’s mullahs. Later Syria was accused, as was Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Bender says that North Koreas could not be behind the “supernote” counterfeiting because of a report by Interpol which indicated that the North Koreans were so poor that they can’t even produce decent versions of their own currency.

So who printed the near-perfect “supernotes”? Well, according to an investigation by Interpol, with the cooperation of numerous central banks and currency printers, there are signs that “the Americans themselves could be behind the fraud.” Bender says that the sources allege that “the CIA prints the fake notes in a secret facility” to fund their covert operations.

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