Paládium medzi $180-$280

Cena paládia by sa v nasledujúcich mesiacoch mala pohybovať v rozmedzí $180-$280/oz. Bude záležať na investorov, či to bude viac pri hornej, alebo spodnej hranici.


Palladium will trade between $180 per oz and $280 per oz and its movement will be largely dictated by investor interest, according to a report from Johnson Matthey.

However, it also suggested that the economic crisis will see overall demand for the metal fall in 2009 - particularly in the autocatalyst and industrial sectors - although physical investment and jewellery demand may increase.

"Johnson Matthey forecasts that sales will again be sufficient to keep the palladium market in surplus," stated the report.

"Investor behaviour will be key to the performance of the palladium price: any rise in commodity investment could see palladium trade as high as $280 within the next six months.

"Without this investor interest, palladium could trade as low as $180 within the same period."



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