Rusko bude hľadať zlato v Tanzánii

Ruská štátna geologická spoločnosť Rusgeology viedli rozhovory v Tanzánii o začatí geologických priekumov a ťažby zlata v krajine. Tanzánia má pod povrchom zeme má nemalé zásoby zlata, diamantov, medi atď.

Russian geological holding company Rusgeology will search for minerals in Tanzania. The appropriate program is ready; representatives of the holding have already attended the talks in the African country. Tanzania is a treasure trove of a wide variety of minerals. However, the exploration will cost quite a sum.

Since colonial times, Tanzania has been a storehouse of a variety of minerals. The country ranks third in Africa in terms of gold reserves; there are rich deposits of diamonds, copper and hydrocarbons. During the visit to Tanzania (it took place in early October) representatives of Rusgeology met with the heads of the Ministry of Energy and Mines and other officials of Tanzania. The talks were held to discuss the prospects of cooperation in the field of ​​regional geological exploration in promising territories.

The priority areas for the work of Rusgeology abroad include African countries (Tanzania, Mauritania, Sudan, Angola, Namibia, Congo, South Africa, etc.), Latin America (Venezuela, Chile, Peru), South-East Asia (Vietnam, Laos Mongolia), Indonesia and others. The company has intergovernmental agreements signed with many of them. The corporation was created primarily to address Russian issues and eliminate the vacuum that was formed in the industry during the 90's, when found in the Soviet times. The search for new deposits was not important at all thanks to the reserves discovered during the Soviet period.



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