Čína – dopyt po mineráloch v budúcnosti vzrastie

V nasledujúcich 15 rokoch sa bude Čína nútená dovážať viac minerálov, pokiaľ sa udrží súčasné tempo ich spotreby.

China will see a widening gap between mineral demand and supply in the coming 15 years if the country continues to consume mineral deposits in the current way, an expert has warned.

It is estimated that by 2020 China's consumption of copper, aluminium, lead and zinc will reach 6.5 million tons, 14.4 million tons, 2.6 million tons and five million tons respectively, and the total demand for ten major nonferrous metals will be 30 million tons.

The collection rate for China's mineral resources is only 60 percent, ten to 20 percentage points lower than that in developed countries. The combined collection rate for mineral intergrowth and associated minerals is only 30 percent to 50 percent, just half of that in developed countries, said the expert who declined to be named.

Although China has led the world in nonferrous metals output for five years in a row, the country has to find a way to balance its growing mineral demand and inadequate domestic supply.

Sources with the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association show the country's output of nine nonferrous metals topped the world last year. In 2007, the country's nonferrous metals output will increase rapidly, with prices remaining at a high level due to rising demand.

Source: GoldE


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