Miliardári investujú v Číne

Vyzerá to tak, že investičným rajom na zhodnotenie peňazí bude v nasledujúcich rokoch Čína.

China’s spending spree is about to send historic waves of cash to a select handful of companies. Warren Buffet, the “Oracle of Omaha” is invested to the tune of $92 million already.

Jim Rogers, who partnered with George Soros to create the Quantum Fund – a hedge fund which returned more than 4,000% in its initial years – has moved to Shanghai to keep a close eye on his commodity investments.

Sir John Templeton, “the greatest stock picker of the century” according to Money Magazine, has invested $100 million in China, and believes China has more growth potential than any other opportunity in the world


Here’s where the money’s headed:

- $80 billion is being allocated to wastewater companies for the construction of over 1,000 water treatment

- $25 billion is being doled out to “scrubbing” companies to clean the dirty air belching from coal-fired power plants…

- $50 billion is being earmarked for construction of 40 new nuclear power plants to relieve dependence on its coal-fired electric plants…

- $119 billion will go for the uranium needed to make those reactors hum. China's annual uranium demand is three times current available supplies.

- $184 billion is being devoted to China’s renewable energy markets – set to become the largest in the world…

- Over $28 billion will be invested in companies that build natural gas infrastructure.

Total: $486 Billion

Zdroj: Commodityonline


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