1 bilión (pív)

Viete si vizuálne predstaviť koľko je 1 bilión? Takže napríklad, ak by sme použili 1 bilión plechovkových pív a postavili ich k sebe, tak nám to pokryje plochu....

3642 km2, alebo  štvorec o strane 60,35 km.

"To visualize a trillion," he says, "one simply has to imagine fields totally covered with upright beer cans". If these cans of beer cost a dollar apiece, which are called Beer Can Units, all you have to do to visualize a trillion cans of beer, all laid out side by side in a giant square, and then drive your car around the circumference of that square, which is 37 and a half miles on a side!

For those of you more at home with square units, he computes that "This would comprise an area of 1406 square miles, or if you prefer 899,243 acres " .

A čo tak 70 tisíc plechoviek v dome?

70 tis pív70 tis pív


Link: tinyurl.com/gc5en



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