Koľko utrácajú ženy na zlato?

Hoci je obdobie recesie, ženy na zlato stále utrácajú dosť. Prieskum bol vykonaný v Indii, Číne, Saudskej Arábii, USA, Taliansku a Turecku. Vek  respondentiek: 15-65.

Takmer polovica opýtaných utráca na zlato ročne asi US$1000 (avšak je potrebné vziať v úvahu, že v krajinách, kde bol prieskum robený má zlato dosť silné postavenie).

How much does a woman spend on buying gold jewellery? $1000 on an average! Yes, these may be recession times; but women are attracted to spending a good amount of money in gold, says a new World Gold Council (WGC) survey on the gold buying habits of women.

WGC surveyed 7,500 women aged between 15 and 65 in the key markets of India, China, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Turkey and the US in order to explore their attitudes to luxury and consumable gold items.


The findings of the study, revealed that women are still attracted to buying gold despite the restrictions on their spending power at present.

"Despite a volatile and rising gold price, gold jewellery has maintained its global position as the most popular item chosen by a woman spending her discretionary income on herself."

The enduring appeal of gold appears to be underlined by the fact that the number of women who said they would spend $1,000 on gold at the 2008 average of $897 per oz was 48 per cent.

This compares to a figure of 44 per cent from the previous survey, which was conducted in 2005 - when the gold price was at an average of $444 per oz.




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