UFO nad Santiago de Chile

Zaujímavé zábery potenciálneho UFO nad Santiago de Chile. Že by "Mothership"? Čílske vzdušné sily to popierajú a majú svoje vysvetlenie.


A remarkable video has been filmed of craft over the night skies above the city of Santiago in Chile last week on December 10th. The video shows what appears to be a large UFO ‘mothership’ hovering over the skyline and other craft. The Chilean Air force has issued a statement that the lights were an air force display corresponding to the graduation of trainee pilots, however some are less than convinced of this explanation.

‘Chile is in fact a hotspot for UFO sightings, as are many of its South American neighbours, and the Chilean Air force has a specific unit set up to investigate UFO related phenomena’ one ufologist told us. ‘If you look at segments of the video in question, well some of it simply doesn’t look like anything resembling a squadron of acrobatic planes: some of it looks remarkably like one disc shaped UFO type object’.

What is for certain is that if indeed this is not footage of Chile’s finest this might well be one of the most remarkable UFO events captured on Video.



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