Miliardári vsádzali na pokles US dolára už od r. 2001

Pohľad spätne prezrádza, že svetová finančná suita mala celkom správny predpoklad pohybu USD v strednodobom horizonte (až na výkon počas r. 2005, kedy USD posilňoval, čo urobilo škrt cez rozpočet takmer 95% analytikom).

On January 2005 leftwing billionaire Warren Buffett told CNBC, “Unless we have a major change in trade policies, I don’t see how the dollar avoids going down.”

Well, we’ve all heard that before. Buffett has repeatedly announced that he is “shorting” the dollar — that is, betting against the dollar in global markets — since at least 2002. George Soros has been shorting the U.S. greenback since at least 2001. Moreover — like Buffett — Soros has announced his anti-dollar position repeatedly in the media. These frequent public announcements on the part of Soros and Buffett appear to be aimed at encouraging other investors to follow their example.

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has now joined the anti-dollar crusade. “I’m short the dollar,” Gates told PBS interviewer Charlie Rose on January 29. “The ‘ol dollar, it’s gonna go down.”

Gates is betting instead on the Chinese yuan. In September, he received permission from the Chinese government to invest $100 million in yuan shares and bonds. Gates praises China as a “change agent” in the world. “It’s phenomenal. It’s a brand new form of capitalism,” he enthuses.

Not to be left out of the feeding frenzy, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has also been spotted swimming with the short-dollar shark pack. In a statement that appears to serve no conceivable purpose other than to help Gates, Buffett and Soros win more converts, Hillary stunned an audience of Brandeis University alumni in Florida on January 24, 2005 when she said, “The economy may be on the brink of collapse… I think the economy is standing on a trap door, and I don’t know that we necessarily hold the levers.”

Source: POE