Tlačenie bankoviek sa vo svete zvyšuje

V EÚ rast vytvárania peňazí dosiahol najvyššiu úroveň za posledných 17 rokov. A čo na Slovensku? Vieme v skutočnosti, ako sme na tom?

Without a gold standard, central bankers are free to print money and credit like crazy to inflate their economies, avoid recessions and to pay off governmental debts. The problem with this is that it’s always done at our expense! Central bankers don’t suffer the consequences. Neither do those in the government. But we sure do!

The purchasing power of currencies decline. The cost of living rises. And you work harder only to end up with diminishing returns on your labor and capital. In effect, central bankers are stealing money! That’s why it’s critical to invest in tangible assets that represent real wealth.

Money Supply Is Surging Around the World …

Country Money Supply Growth (Annualized) India 20.0% China 16.9% Australia 9.2% Britain 14.2% Canada 8.6% Denmark 9.1% Japan 0.7% Sweden 10.6% Switzerland 2.4% United States 4.8% Euro Area 8.5%

Money supply
You can see that the supply of money and credit in India is growing at an astronomical almost 20% a year! Not even talking about Russia. In China, it’s rising 16.9% annually. In the European Union, the growth in the broad supply of money recently hit its highest level in 17 years. And Australia and Britain aren’t far behind at 9.2% and 14.2%, respectively. Now, money supply growth in the U.S. looks tame by comparison, rising at an annual rate of 4.8%. But based on the inflation we’re already seeing (in commodity prices), I don’t trust these figures. And neither should you. They are higher.


Source: MoneyM