149 rokov šetrenia na apartmán

Podľa EUROMAGu na kúpenie slušného bytu o rozlohe 100m2 v Moskve by obyčajný Moskovčan musel šetriť 149 rokov. Ak by chcel kúpiť obdobný byt v Monaku, tak by musel žiť dlhšie ako korytnačka - 362 rokov!

In 2010 the number of years required to save for housing for residents of other countries was calculated. Residents of the USA and Canada do not have to save for too long - four years in Miami, 5.2 years in Montreal, 5.7 years in New York, 5.9 years in Los Angeles. Fairly short time of savings to purchase houses is required by residents of Riga (6.8 years), Helsinki (7.1 years), Tallinn (7.9 years), Brussels (8 years), Copenhagen (8.3 years), Lisbon (8, 4 years), Vienna (9.3 years) and Oslo (10 years).

Meanwhile, a shocking figure was quoted by the EUROMAG magazine that decided to count how long Muscovites would have to save for the acquisition of a decent housing with the area of ​​100 square meters -149 years.

If a Muscovite decided to buy an apartment in Monaco, the savings period would be 362 years. However, they would have to save for a decent London apartment for 136 years. A purchase of an apartment in Paris is quite realistic for those boasting longevity and only takes 78 years. A flat in Florence overlooking the statue of David by Michelangelo would cost a Muscovite 76 years of austerity.

Článok: http://english.pravda.ru/business/companies/19-07-2012/121681-moscow_apartment-0/


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