Cena zinku v priemere $2185


Cena zinku by v tomto roku mohla dosiahnuť v priemere $2185 za tonu, v 2015 až $2450/t. Zinok je jedným zo základných kovov, ktorý ma najlepšie fundamenty pre investorov.

Zinc prices will average $2,185 per ton in 2014, rising to $2,450 per ton in 2015 as the market progressively acts to ration near-term demand for the metal, as well as incentivising mining companies to increase investment in new mines over the coming years.

Článok: www.commodityonline.com/news/zinc-prices-to-average-$2185-per-ton-in-2014-$2450-in-2015-58405-3-58406.html


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