Kde si doma ukryť cennosti?

Podľa zlodejov najlepším miestom na ukrytie cenností sú hračky v detskej izbe. Taktiež použitého spodného prádla (ak sú tam ukryté napr. peniaze) by sa zlodej s najväčšou pravdepodobnosťou asi nedotkol...


Jednou z taktík je nechať určitú hotovosť na ľahko nájditeľnom mieste a zvyšok poriadne schovať. Takýmto ťahom by sa zlodej mohol nechať aj zmiesť.

His number one recommendation for money was in toys in a young child’s room. As he explained, young children don’t have money, they have an abundance of toys and most parents don’t trust a child around money. Therefore, parents will rarely hide money there. In addition, when money is hidden, it is usually hidden away neatly and securely — a child’s room is rarely a neat place making it an unlikely place for money to be hidden. Plus with all the stuff in a child’s room, it is not someplace that a burglar can search quickly and get out (rule #2).

If you have a safe, it should be professionally bolted down so it can’t easily be removed. If you leave some token money for the burglar to find in the places they normally look for money, then anyplace you wouldn’t normally consider a place to hide valuables will usually keep those valuables safe. The underside of trash cans, inside laundry detergent, inside false packaging (but only if the packaging appears real and is in the appropriate place – “When you find a Campbell’s soup can in the bedroom, you have a pretty good idea there is money inside”) were some examples he gave.

And my question of whether the skid mark underwear would be a good place to hide money?

He laughed. “I haven’t heard of that, but I doubt I would have touched something like that had I seen it.”

You also need to be smart about where you hide the money. He related one time a person had left wads of money inside the empty battery areas of electronics around the house. The problem was that although he had not found the hidden money at first, the electronics themselves were worth money and he took those to sell. Only when he got home and was checking that everything worked did he find the hidden cash. The person hid the money well, but not in a good place.



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"The activities of the ruling elite in controlling population must be kept secret. "  Plato

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