Rotterdam má svoju lokálnu menu

Od 1. augusta budú ľudia v Rotterdame na lokálne transakcie používať vlastnú menu Dam. S novou menou chcú dať strednej triede a malým biznisom viac finančnej voľnosti.

From Amsterdam's "Makkie" to the Greek "Tem", the euro crisis has forced people to invent local currencies. Starting this week, people in Rotterdam will use their own currency for local transactions, the Dam.

Hermann Matieschek is one of the initiators of the new currency Dam, in circulation since August 1. "With a new local currency, the Dam, we want to give the local middle class and small businesses more financial space." says the Rotterdammer to Follow to Money. "Far too many people at the bottom of society have too few euros because of the crisis. The banks provide little credit."

"You are not poor if you do not have money", says Maria Choupis from Greece, initiator of the Tem. "You are poor if you have nothing to offer to society".



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