Výroba elektromobilov vplýva negatívnejšie na životné prostredie

Nórska štúdia uvádza, že proces používaný na výrobu elektromobilov má dvakrát škodlivejší vplyv na životné prostredie (globálne otepľovanie) ako proces výroby konvenčných áut.

It concludes that the “global warming potential” of the process used to make electric cars is twice that of conventional cars.

The study also says – as has been noted many times before – that electric cars do not make sense if the electricity they consume is produced predominately by coal-fired power stations. “It is counterproductive to promote [electric vehicles] EVs in regions where electricity is produced from oil, coal, and lignite combustion,” it concludes.

Článok: www.prisonplanet.com/study-electric-cars-may-be-twice-as-bad-for-global-warming-as-regular-cars.html


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