STRIEBRO – príliv investícií pokračuje

Je len otázkou času, kým cena bieleho kovu začne nekontrolovateľný pohyb smerom hore.

Silver's true believers can console themselves that the metal has more than tripled from its 2000 lows, but the "big boom" they foresee has eluded them - so far. Nonetheless, the odds continue to point toward an eventual upside explosion which could turn the heads of the most pessimistic investor.

TB "Based upon the current price of each, it appears that the world believes there is still many times more silver above ground than gold. Certainly, the world doesn't believe there is less above ground silver than gold. Perhaps one in a million, or one in ten million, of the world's 6.5 billion inhabitants know silver is rarer than gold. I think it is reasonable to assume that many more will come to learn this truth in the years ahead, with an enormous impact on price. Rarity is a very basic concept that all people intuitively understand...

"The important point is that big institutional money is flowing into silver on a disproportionate basis, as the statistics indicate. It is only a matter of time before this buying causes a disproportionate impact on the price of silver. For me, it's never been a case of gold not being a good investment, but a case of silver being far superior. If you fit the profile of someone who can take advantage of this opportunity, please don't let it pass by. Don't wait for the mo-mo guys to buy first."

G. Keith Edwards of BMO Nesbitt, Burns noted that the long-term charts are what dreams are made of. He stated succinctly at the Vancouver Resource Investors' Conference:

"The bigger the base, the better the upside case."

Source: FMN


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