STRIEBRO – predpoveď pohybu ceny

Od súčasnosti do roku 2008 sa cena môže pohybovať v rozpätí $9 - $20/oz. V budúcnosti pomer zlata a striebra môže dosiahnúť 17:1.

Commodities research firm and consultant CPM Group on Monday said it forecast the price of silver to outperform that of gold in 2007 because of bullish dynamics of silver.

Jeffrey Christian, managing director of CPM Group, told Reuters prior to the release of the "2007 Silver Yearbook" that he expected spot silver prices to rise to an average $13.75 an ounce in 2007 and $15.85 in 2008, with increased price volatility.

Christian added that he expected silver to trade in a wide range from $9 to $20 an ounce from present to 2008, as the silver market was seen to be very volatile in that period.

Christian also said that he continued to see the ratio of gold to silver prices to range between 16 to 1 and 17 to 1.

Stronger investment demand and reduced sales of silver fueled the precious metal's price rally in 2006 and in the first half of this year, CPM Group said in its report.

Source: SilverS


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