STRIEBRO – čakanie pred explóziou?

Zopár reakcií a nasledných odpovedí experta na striebro T. Butlera. Podľa neho striebro pred explozívnym pohybom smerom nahor je načas uviaznuté....

"I have been reading Mr. Butler's commentaries as published in Investment Rarities Market Updates.

"I do not understand how and why the alleged manipulators drive down the price of silver by going short. These people are not stupid. Do they not believe Mr. Butler's statements about how the silver reserves have been exhausted and that the usage of silver exceeds its production. If they do, why don't they buy silver, keep it, and watch the price soar?

"Mr. Butler writes convincingly, but I just don't understand the alleged manipulation by the short sellers.

"Please help me to understand this situation. I imagine there must be other readers in the same fix. I know of at least two others. If what I have described could be clarified, I think you would have buyers."

Mr. Butler’s response :

"I would call the manipulators many things, but stupid is the last thing I would call them. For many years, they have been able to control the market because they knew that the key group of opposing traders, the technical funds, could be tricked into and out of the market. The manipulators (commercial traders) collusively engineered prices up and down through key price points (moving averages). The manipulators made a fortune doing so. However, they stayed short too long and in amounts too large to cover easily. All this can be confirmed by studying the COTs.

"These commercial traders/manipulators would love to buy silver and let the price soar, if they could. But they can’t, for the simple reason that there is no one who could sell to them in any significant quantity. Who could possibly be expected to sell to the manipulators, at near current prices, the hundreds of millions of ounces they normally deal in? It’s like the old Wall Street joke, "sell to who?" In this case, it is "buy from who?"

"In fact, it is this lack of legitimate sellers in size that has created the current stalemate and catch-22 for the commercials. They have a documented and huge concentrated short position that they can’t dump on anyone else. They can’t just go in and buy it back since that would drive the price sharply higher. So all they can do is stall for time, which is what they are doing. But, sooner or later, this stalling will come to an end because the fundamentals for silver keep getting better. You want to be fully invested before that happens.

That means you have to be prepared to wait them out and look at silver on a long term basis. We’re talking about the possibility of such phenomenal gains that holding patiently should not be a concern. The explosion to the upside can come at any time so waiting to buy silver is definitely not advised


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