STRIEBRO – záujem investorov znova porastie

Vzhľadom na politické, ekonomické a finančné turbulencie sa v druhej polovici roka očakáva opätovný príchod investorov.

From January to March, silver prices surged 40% to hit a 27-year high of $21.44 on March 17, more than doubling gold’s return during that time. This followed gains of about 15% in 2007. Although silver prices have fallen back to below $17, CPM Group maintains that investor buying will continue to support prices in 2008.


Thus far in 2008 political, economic and financial uncertainties have continued to lead investors to buy silver,” said the New York-based commodities consultancy and research firm. “Higher prices are expected later in 2008 and early 2009.”



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