STRIEBRO - zásoby striebra na povrchu najmenšie za posledných pár storočí

Silver is definitely not over-owned and there is little evidence of rampant speculation. Yes, thousands of investors have investigated the silver story and purchased millions of ounces in recent years.

This has been mostly a cash-on-the-barrel type of long-term investment, not fevered speculation on borrowed money. When you compare actual silver purchases to the many billions of ounces of silver the world will require in the future, it’s not a lot. These buyers are delighted with their investment in silver and have no intention of selling any time soon. Investors should investigate what motivated many thousands of people to choose silver. It certainly wasn’t a concerted promotion by Merrill Lynch, or the Wall Street Journal, or CNBC. Far from being mainstream, it was as underground as it gets. It was one thing, and one thing only – the real silver story discovered by a clever and discerning minority of investors.

What is this silver story that is flying under the radar of the financial establishment? A material treasured and hoarded for its beauty and value for many thousands of years has, in the historical blink of an eye, been transformed into a remarkably versatile industrial commodity, vital to many modern technologies. In this transformation from coinage and eating utensils to electrical conduction, heat transfer, mammograms and water purification over the past half-century, a deficit has developed, caused by more consumption than production.

As a result of this structural deficit, the accumulated inventories of thousands of years of production were eliminated. While world mine production increased greatly, world industrial demand grew even more. This has left the world consuming silver at a greater rate than ever before. Precisely at the same time, less silver exists in above ground inventory than at any time in the last few hundred years. Verifying these facts should be enough to convert you into a silver investor.

Source: GoldSeek


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