URÁN- stále pod dohľadom

Urán buď už dosiahol svoje cenové dno, alebo je v blízkosti jeho dosiahnutia. Jedno je avšak isté, druhá fáza posilnenia je na ceste.

As uranium prices melted down from $138 a pound in mid-June to $75 in mid October, the first phase of the uranium bull market ended. But we think investors should begin gearing up for "phase two." Obviously, the uranium market became a little too hot for its own good. But now that prices have cooled off a bit, investors enjoy a great chance to re-examine the uranium sector and seek out beaten-up values.

The question at hand is, have we found a bottom for yellowcake?

Calling tops and bottoms can be a very dangerous game to play in this field of work, and that's exactly what I'm not going to do. Instead, dear reader, we will weigh the possible scenarios and also discuss the reasons for the recent boom and bust. Actually, there are just two main reasons. The first reason was very simple. There were several uranium producers that were keeping their uranium off the market and waiting for higher prices to sell-off.

At the same time, we had many buyers who were attempting to buy secured contracts for the delivery of uranium at a set date and price.

We can't promise that all of the distortion in price is behind us and that the extreme volatility that we saw will just disappear, but it seems that the price is once again below market equilibrium.

Does that mean we have hit a bottom? Not necessarily. But we are much closer to a bottom than we were in June. Since we feel that now is a good time to re-enter the uranium market, we have to figure out where to put those funds, and how to avoid as much of the volatility as possible.

The uranium bull market still glows. Prepare yourselves.

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