Kobalt – dopyt rastie

Za posledné dva roky cena tohto kovu vzrástla takmer o 300%, čo je lepšia návratnosť ako u zlata alebo platiny. Rast jeho ceny bude pravdepodobne aj naďalej pokračovať.

Now in the last six months of 2007 cobalt prices have gone up another 50% above the base established during the plateau period The total increase in price of cobalt over the last two years has, as of now, been 300%; thus cobalt has been a far better investment during the last two years than either gold or platinum.

Is the current cobalt price run-up a “bubble” or the froth around a bubble, or is it a solid movement in demand that is running ahead of supply? There are just two reasons why the price of a natural resource goes up:

1. The real (actual) demand exceeds the supply, or;

2. Speculative demand exceeds supply.

I believe that cobalt is going up in price because of a combination of the above two factors. First of all the existing uses for cobalt are growing and show no signs of moving to substitute materials. Second, a “new” cobalt use, which has so far flown under the investment radar, has begun to grow, and I believe that this has initiated a speculative surge in demand among commodity market players and a surge of risk management by the purchasing departments of some large corporate end-users of cobalt.

The first factor to be noted in trying to form an understanding of cobalt pricing and supply is the fact that “cobalt is not found as a native metal but generally found in the form of ores. Cobalt is usually not mined alone and tends to be produced as byproduct of nickel and copper mining activities…. In 2005, the Democratic Republic of the Congo was the top producer of cobalt with almost 40% of the world share, followed by Canada, Zambia, Russia, Brazil, and Cuba.”



"In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value."   Alan Greenspan