ZLATO – pripravené na ďalšie zhodnocovanie?

Očakáva sa, že koncom novembra eventuálne koncom roka bude zlato na úrovni $850/oz a ropa $100/bl.

The recent upward move, which started during the week and now could be gaining strength, has variously been put down by analysts to the weak dollar on speculation the US Fed will cut interest rates again to prop up the US economy which is wavering on the edge of moving into recession, higher oil prices and bargain hunting following the sharp falls back from the recent $845 high of a couple of weeks ago.

Even during the sharp correction in price, most analysts have been confident that gold will resume the upwards path and technical factors and continuing dollar weakness are seen as taking the metal higher. Price movements may well remain volatile though as markets are decidedly twitchy with investors looking over their shoulders to the generals stock markets which are continuing to be affected by the continuing subprime mortgage fallout.


To an extent, the general market unease should be highlighting gold's safe haven role but liquidity requirements among major institutions can lead to short term needs to liquidate strong assets as well as weak ones.

Where will gold move to in this run - should there be one? Some analysts looked to resistance at around $816, but the last gold run smashed through all kinds of supposed resistance levels without a pause - and the gold price seemed to be accelerating upwards with the kind of strength which could see it testing the recent highs next week if the momentum continues.

The price will remain volatile, though, as we have pointed out before. Any signs of dollar strength, albeit temporary, can knock sentiment and trigger serious profit taking, but it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that we could see $850 gold and $100 oil before the year end - or even the end of the month should this morning's rapid jump have legs. Indeed a good run in gold could take it well past this level after its recent pause for breath.

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"In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value."   Alan Greenspan