Backwardácia v silver futures znamená nedostatok striebra

Backwardácia v silver futures contracts znamená rastúci nedostatok fyzického striebra. Súčasná korekcia jeho ceny nie je podložená fundamentamy, len bola privysoká pre "shorts", preto musí klesnúť. V reále cena striebra zatiaľ nikdy nebola vysoká.

The price of silver futures contracts have been regularly flirting with a state of backwardness ever since the 2008 Financial Crisis, which is a sign of a growing physical silver shortage.

A state of backwardness occurs when the front month silver futures contract commands a price premium to the subsequent months’ contracts.

Nevertheless, these downward moves do not seem to consist of reality-based corrections, because the price of silver was never too high. The price was just too high for the shorts and so it needed to be muscled lower.



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