Býčí trend striebra kopíruje pohyb zo 70-tych rokov

Na základe pomeru DOW/Zlato by malo striebro dosiahnúť vrchol koncom 2013 resp. začiatkom 2014. Pokiaľ súčasná štruktúra pohybu ceny striebra bude kopírovať základnú štruktúru zo 70-tych rokov, cena ba mala presiahnuť US$140/oz.

We cannot be sure when this will happen, but should it be about 14 years after the peak in the Dow/Gold ratio, like it was during the previous bull market, then we could have a peak in silver at the end of 2013 to the beginning of 2014.

If the current bull market structure continues to follow the basic structure of the 70s bull market, then price should, at least, clear $140.

Článok: www.silverseek.com/article/silver-bull-market-following-structure-70s-bull-market-11561


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