Cena cukru pod tlakom

Globálne trhy majú nadbytok cukru, čo sa samozrejme odráža aj na jeho cene. Experti predpokladajú, že v období 2011/2012 a 2012/2013 bude na trhoch prevládať vyššia ponuka. Pre rok 2013 bude dôležité sledovať produkciu Brazílie a dopyt z Číny.

The global sugar market is moving into surplus as Thailand and Indian harvests are in their closing stages. India produced 25.5 million tonnes of sugar between Oct. 1 and May 31, up 8 percent from the year-ago period, the Indian Sugar Mills Association, a producers' body, said on Thursday.

According to Rabo Bank Sugar Quarterly, the projected global surplus for 2011/12 has truly arrived “Although a significant part of the new harvest in Centre/South Brazil falls in the 2011/12 international crop year, even if the region’s production were at the lower limit of the current range of expectations, we estimate that at most, it would reduce the estimated global surplus for 2011/12 by some 2.0 million tonnes from the current projection of 8.1 million tonnes,” Rabo Bank said in its report.

Článok: www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/g20-summit/5072484/Russia-backs-return-to-Gold-Standard-to-solve-financial-crisis.html


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