Cena olova môže rásť

Dopyt po olove z krajín rozvíjajúcich sa ekonomík sa rapídne zvyšuje; starnúce autá zvyšujú dopyt po e-bike. Natixis v 2013 predpovedá priemernú cenu olova na úrovni $2450/tonu.

After a poor start to the year, caused in large part by the mild northern hemisphere winter, activity in the lead market has gradually improved, spurred on by rapidly expanding demand in developing countries, where car fleets are ageing and demand for e-bikes is growing fast.

“This gives lead a very solid fundamental basis from which we would expect prices to appreciate in coming years.” said Natixis in a report.

For 2013, Natixis forecasts average lead prices of $2,450/tonne.

Článok: www.commodityonline.com/news/lead-is-the-ray-of-hope-amongst-base-metals-50674-3-50675.html


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