Cena striebra ešte poklesne


Inštitucionálni investori veria, že pokles ceny striebra ešte nie je ukončený, uviedol Jeffrey Christian, zakladateľ CPM Group. V priebeho niekoľkých rokov by sa cena mohla skonsolidovať okolo US$17/oz a následne opätovne začne rásť.

Well, on the one hand, our view has been that the silver price has probably bottomed out around current levels and that still is our view. Looking at the silver market right now on a short term basis, we’re concerned that it does have the capacity to spike down again, possibly down to around $19.

Frankly over the next couple of years, we think it could be a little bit softer but we think that most of the decline that we’ve seen in silver prices since 2011 is in the market and what we’re looking for is basically sort of a consolidation of silver prices, above $16, $17 an ounce over the next couple of years and then prices probably will move higher after that.

Článok: www.silverseek.com/article/jeffrey-christian-%E2%80%9Clarge-institutional-investors-are-not-yet-convinced-silver-has-stopped-fa


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