Cena striebra v Q4 vzrastie

Podľa Deutsche Bank bude v Q4 priemerná cena striebra US$38/oz, a US$42/oz v 2013. Zlato by sa malo pohybovať v rozmedzí $1600-$1700/oz a v budúcom roku dosiahnuť US$2000/oz.

Silver, the poor man’s gold, to average $38 an ounce in the fourth quarter this year and to average $42/oz in 2013, said Deutsche Bank, the largest bank in Germany, in a quarterly commodities research note.

According to the German bank, over next few months, gold prices are likely to be range-bound around $1,600 an ounce, but by the end of the third quarter. Gold could move above $1,700 as “sufficient economic pressure could build to encourage policy makers to respond to support economic growth within the world’s key regions.” Because of this expectation of new stimulus by central banks, Deutsche Bank is retaining its target of gold rising above $2,000 in 2013.

Článok: www.commodityonline.com/news/silver-to-average-$38oz-in-q4-2012-$42-in-2013;-gold-at-$2000-in-2013-deutsche-bank-48945-3-48946.html


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