Cena zlata ešte poklesne


Slabý dopyt investorov po fyzickom zlate bude mať za následok ďalší pokles jeho ceny, uviedla Barclays. Jej predpoveď je následovná: Q2 2014:$1250/Oz, 2014:$1250/Oz.

Gold is exposed to downside pressure on prices as physical demand is not making up for soft investor demand, according to Barcalys.

In a weekly report it pointed out that strong dollar would only worsen the scenario for the yellow metal.

Price forecasts : Q2 2014:$1250/Oz, 2014:$1250/Oz.

Článok: www.commodityonline.com/news/gold-destined-to-move-lower-on-soft-investor-demand-58626-3-58627.html


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