Čína zvýši dopyt po medi

Oživenie čínskej ekonomiky v budúcom roku zvýši aj dopyt po medi, uviedla Commerzbank. Spotreba by mala vzrásť o 6-7%. Čína aj naďalej zostane dominantným faktorom na globálnom trhu s meďou.

The world's biggest copper consumer China's demand will rise sharply next year mainly due to the recovery of the country’s economy, said Commerzbank, citing comments by Aurubis at the Asia Copper Week conference in Shanghai.

Commerzbank said Aurbis, the world’s second-largest copper smelter, believes that China will remain the dominant factor on the global copper market.

“China's copper consumption will likely rise by 6% to 7% next year, as infrastructure investment will continue to be the driving force for the country's metal demand,” said Bonnie Liu, head of China commodities research at Macquarie Group Ltd. (MQG.AU).

Článok: www.commodityonline.com/news/mainland-chinas-copper-demand-to-rise-sharply-in-2013-51571-3-51572.html


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