Citibank reviduje predpoveď cien PMs

Citibank znížila predpoveď priemernej ceny zlata, striebra a medi pre rok 2012 následovne: zlato z US$1718 na US1643/oz; striebro z US$31 na US$30/oz a meď z US$3,85 na US$3,58/lb.

New York based Citibank has trimmed its this year price forecast for gold, silver, copper and aluminum.

The bank now looks for gold to average $1,643 an ounce, down from an earlier forecast of $1,718.

“The global commodity team lowered their gold price assumptions to reflect the impact of a stronger U.S. dollar even though the global macro uncertainty and fiscal turmoil should be supportive,” they added. The silver forecast was revised to $30 an ounce from $31.

The copper forecast was lowered to $3.58 a pound from $3.85.



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