Dopyt po striebre z fotovoltaickej sféry vzrastie

Fotovoltaická sféra (FS) bude jedným z hlavných faktorov zvýšeného dopytu po striebre. Po poklese dopytu po striebre z FS v 2012 sa v tomto roku očakáva stabilizácia s robustným nárastom v 2014. Od roku 2005 fotovoltaická energia v globále vzrástla 20-násobne a budúcnosť môže pozitívne predčiť očakávania mnohých analytikov.

Many analysts have forecasted silver to outperform gold in 2013 and The Silver Insitute report released last year has estimated industrial demand to rise by 6% in 2014. One of the key drivers of industrial demand for white metal would be photovoltaics. After a downturn in 2012, photovoltaic offtake of silver will stabilize in 2013 and robust demand is expected in 2014.

According to Stephen Leeb, Founder and Research Chairman of Leeb Labs and author of eight best selling investment books, Since 2005, photovoltaic power has grown nearly 20-fold globally,from 5 gigawatts (1 billion watts) in that year to about 100 gigs in 2012, an annualized growth rate above 50 percent. While that dizzying rate isn’t sustainable, growth is still likely to surprise most analysts.



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