Fotovoltaický boom v Číne

Čína zvýšila plán solárnej kapacity krajiny do r. 2015 o 67% na 35GW. V roku 2012 kapacita bola len 7GW, čo za 3 roky bude nárast takmer o 400%. A s nárastom počtu fotovoltaických panelov vzrastie aj dopyt po striebre. Na jeden panel je potrebných asi 20g striebra (ako pre 80 mobilov event. 20 laptopov).

Early this month, big news came out of China. It may have gone unnoticed by some investors—and there's really no reason why it would have been covered extensively by mainstream media—but it's important if you're a silver investor. China raised its target for solar generating capacity to more than 35 gigawatts (GW) by 2015, a stunning increase of 67% above the previous target.

China's State Council announced on July 4 that installed capacity for solar electricity would grow about 10 GW per year until it reaches the newly set target. The country's previous target was 21 GW; installed capacity in 2012 was about 7 GW, so this would translate into a 400% increase. Moreover, if one looks at the rate at which it keeps raising the target, we may well see even more solar capacity by 2015—and quite possibly two times that by 2020.



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