Goldman Sachs znižuje predpoveď ceny zlata pre 2013

Goldman Sachs znížil svoju pôvodnú predpoveď priemernej ceny zlata v 2013 z US$1940/oz na $1810/oz. V krátkodobom horizonte ešte predpokladá rast ceny žltého kovu.

Goldman Sachs has cut next year gold price forecast to $1,810 per ounce from the $1,940 an ounce projected earlier in the year. Its 2014 forecast for gold prices is $1,750 per troy ounce.

“While we see potential for higher gold prices in early 2013, we see growing downside risks. As a result, we find that the risk-reward of holding a long gold position is diminishing,” said the American multinational investment bank in a snippet.

The American firm also lowered its six-month gold price forecast from $1,840 an ounce to $1,805/Oz and its 12-month forecast at $1,800/Oz from $1,940 per ounce.



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