GS odporúča krátke pozície na zlato

Goldman Sachs vo svojej novej správe odporúča klientom otvoriť krátke pozície na zlato. Banka taktiež znížila svoju pôvodnú predpoveď priemernej ceny zlata v nasledujúcich 12 mesiacoch z US$1550 na $1390/oz.

Investment bank Goldman Sachs has today issued a new report on gold investing, advising clients to sell gold short on the futures market.

Claiming that the "turn in gold prices [is] accelerating", Goldman Sachs' commodity analysts advise closing the bullish position in US gold futures they recommended in Oct. 2010.

They also advise opening a "short" position on the Comex gold futures exchange, with a price target of $1450 per ounce and a "stop-loss" – in case the trade goes wrong and gold investing prices actually rise – at $1650.

Analysts at US investment bank Goldman Sachs today cut their 12-month gold price forecast from $1550 to $1390 per ounce, and advised clients to sell gold short using futures contracts.



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