Olovo si cenu udrží

Podľa Deutsche Bank dopyt po výmene auto-bateriek v Číne bude v následujúcich rokoch na vzostupe, čo sa nepochybne odrazí aj na cene olova, ktoré v tomto sektore pohltí až 43% jeho globálnej spotreby.

Deutsche Bank estimates the replacement battery sector accounts for 43% of global lead consumption. In China, it expects the demand growth of auto replacement battery is likely to account for the lion’s share of lead demand growth in the coming years as the vehicle fleet continues to rise.

A modest deficit in the Lead is expected in 2013 on higher than expected demand levels due to adverse weather conditions in China. While the price impact may not be immediate, the lead market could be one of the more attractive long opportunities this year, stated a recent outlook on Lead by Deutsche Bank.

Článok: www.commodityonline.com/news/lead-may-move-up-in-2013-on-adverse-weather-in-china-deutsche-bank-52322-3-52323.html


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