Posledná šanca k nákupu zlata pod $1000/oz?

V súčasnosti by to mohla byť posledná šanca nakúpiť zlato pod $1000/oz, tvrdia niektorí experti. Čas nastal; zabudnite na korekcie alebo odpredaje. (Skutočne nastal ten pravý čas???)


A respected gold columnist has claimed on Monday that now could be the last opportunity to make a Gold Investment before prices begin to surge.

He wrote: "It does seem to be a not unreasonable prospect to see gold continuing its climb later in the year, even if stuttering a little at the moment.

"Sooner or later, we feel, the $1,000 barrier will be breached and once through that it may well stay there for the foreseeable future."

A similar view was outlined last week by Ronald Rasen, director of the Delta Society International and producer of the Rosen Market Timing Letter.

He explained that the technical charts following gold prices over the past 18 months are "boiling hot" and that an all-time high beyond $1,030 per ounce is imminent.

"It further says that 'The time has come…' to put aside fears and worries about sell-offs and corrections".



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