Priemerná cena paládia v 2013 sa odhaduje na $748/oz

Podľa Barclays bude v tomto roku na trhoch deficit paládia okolo 700tis. uncí, čo sa pravdepodobne mierne odrazí aj na jeho cene. Priemerná cena sa v 2013 môže dostať na US$748/oz; v 2014 na US$795/oz.

Palladium prices may average $748/oz in 2013, and rise to an annual average of $795/oz in 2014, stated London based Barclays in its recent market analysis.

“We forecast the palladium market to remain in deficit for a second year, and we do not see this as a short term phenomena. We believe this will be the start of serial annual deficits for the market,” it added.

From a deficit of over 1Moz in 2012, Barclays expects the palladium market to deliver a deficit of 700koz in 2013, followed by 639koz in 2014. Supply looks set to remain constrained this year, with growth in secondary supply only marginally offsetting the expected decline in mine output to leave a flat supply picture.



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