Priemerná cena ropy v 2015 na $59,2. /bl


Natixis revidovala cenu ropy nadol následovne: priemerná cena ropy v Q3 $60/bl; Q4 $59/bl. V Q1 2016 dosiahne $61/bl. Priemer v 2016 bude $62,3/bl.

Natixis expects Brent to average $60/bbl in 2015Q3; $59/bbl in Q4

Research firm Natixis have revised the central oil prices down once again in tune with current macroeconomic environment and unbalanced fundamentals. For Brent Natixis expect 2015Q3 and 2015Q4 to average $60/bbl and $59/bbl respectively and 2016Q1 to average $57/bbl. Average for 2015 and 2016 will be $59.2/bbl and $62.3/bbl respectively.



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