Priemerná cena striebra v 2013 bude $31,16

Podľa Sharps Pixley bude v tomto roku priemerná cena striebra US$31,16/oz. Priemerná cenu zlata sa odhaduje na US$1,736/oz.

‘Silver to average $31.16/Oz in 2013’

Silver prices are expected to average $31.16 per ounce this year and some softness is expected as fear trade evaporates and speculators look to reduce their positions commensurately, said Sharps Pixley in a commodity research note.

According to the firm, an improved economy should encourage silver's industrial demand, but "there is a danger that sharp rises will be seized upon by producers as an opportunity to sell forward, effectively capping the rallies. With primary mine production continuing to rise to new record highs, the onus is increasingly on the silver bulls to prove the case."



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