Priemerná cena striebra v Q4 bude $33,02/oz

Podľa prieskumu Bloomberg cena bieleho kovu v Q4 zhodnotí 18% a v priemere dosiahne US$33,02/oz. Ďalšie QE by pre pohyb ceny striebra bolo pozitívne.

Since the beginning of the year it has reacted more like a base metal than a precious one,” said Frederique Dubrion, the Geneva-based president and chief investment officer of Blue Star Advisors SA, to Bloomberg News. “The main negatives are still in industry. We’re waiting for more quantitative easing, and that would be really positive.”

Silver, arguably the most volatile commodity being traded is expected to gain 18% and touch $33.04/oz in the fourth quarter of this year, according to a Bloomberg Survey.



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