Priemyselný dopyt po striebre v 2014 dosiahne rekord

Do roku 2014 by mal priemyselný dopyt po striebre vzrásť asi o 6% na rekordných 511,6 mil. uncí. Z celkovo vyťaženého množstva striebra priemyselný dopyt pohltí až 57%.

A report released by the Silver Institute says while industrial demand for silver is expected to fall this year, it is expected to rise by an estimated 6% to a record high of 511.6 million ounces by 2014.

The report was produced for the Silver Institute by Thomson Reuters GFMS. By 2014, industrial use is expected to account for 57% of total silver fabrication, which Thomson Reuters GFMS says would be the highest in its 25-year data series.



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