Ropa na US$200 v 2012

Pokiaľ nenastane prílev nových investícií do oblasti ťažby ropy, tak do roku 2012 by cena čierneho zlata mohla vzrásť až na US$200/bl.


Saudi Arabia has warned that crude oil may rise to $200 with in three years as unremunerative prices are forcing oil producers to curtail investments in new capacity building. The mood at the Group of Eight energy summit in Rome which concluded on Monday also revealed the concerns regarding fluctuations in crude oil prices.

At present crude oil prices are hovering at a six month high of $60 oil while producers argue that it must hit the $75 level for investments in new production to become remunerative.

The argument that declining investments in capacity building would lead to an oil price rally might look logically true. However, it is not in the interest of OPEC or other energy majors to reduce new investments as they stand to lose if indeed oil prices rise above $100 or $150 on economic recovery which is expected to take place after 2010.

Saudi Arabia said at the summit that they are maintaining their long-term focus rather than being swayed by the volatility of short-term conditions. The International Energy Agency predicts investment in oil and gas exploration and production will fall 21 percent in 2009. It said on Monday that falling oil prices, tight credit markets and slumping demand had prompted oil producers to delay or scrap 170 billion dollars worth of investments.

Pozn.:US$200/bl je úroveň, ktorú v horizonte 2-3 rokov vidíme veľmi reálne.



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