Striebro v Q3 v priemere $17,8/oz

Slabý priemyselný dopyt a záujem investorov môže v Q3 stlačiť priemernú cenu striebra na $17,8/oz, uviedla banka Barclays.

Silver prices are expected to average $17.8 per troy ounce in the third quarter of this year as it is witnessing weak fundamentals characterised by poor industrial demand and investors' support, said London based Barclays in a report.

The commodity is expected to continue with its negative trend in the near term, the bank said.

Morgan Stanley recently reduced its 2013 silver price forecast by 14% to $23.39. The financial firm also revised down its 2014 price projection by 29% to $21.01 an ounce.



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