Striebro v rozmedzí $25 - $30/oz

Podľa Global Hunter Securities, LLC (GHS) bude v druhej polovici 2012 a začiatkom 2013 priemerná cena striebra v rozmedzí US$25 - $30/oz. Nie je taktiež vylúčené otestovanie úrovne US$20/oz.

Silver prices likely to average $25 to $30 an ounce in the second half of this year and into 2013, said Global Hunter Securities, LLC (GHS) in a research note.

According to GHS, “Accumulated supplies of silver in the U.S. combined with stagnant trends in the world's industrial utilization of silver (especially in computers, photographic processing and other electronics) suggest to us that prices could trend lower, perhaps testing the low $20s during second half of 2012.”



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