Urán - dlhodobá investícia

Pomer dopytu a ponuky môže v krátkodobom horizonte ešte potlačiť cenu uránu nadol, avšak z dlhodobého hľadiska je investovanie do uránu resp. akcií spoločnosti v uránovej oblasti dobrou investíciou.


Despite bearish moves in the uranium spot price this year, Deutsche Bank's latest market report backs up bullish sentiments toward long-term investment in uranium stocks.

Supply/demand fundamentals in the short-term may lead to further dips in U308 spot and uranium stocks prices, but many factors are even now colluding to create a favourable imbalance between nuclear fuel demands and available supply.

Deutsche expects a supply surplus of 9.9 million pounds 2012 as the US government dumps UF6 stockpiles onto the market and mine production increases in uranium-rich regions like Kazakhstan.

With this in mind, Deutsche's price targets for some uranium stocks are lower than their current prices.

But, investors looking to make long-term uranium plays should view dips in uranium stock prices as buying opportunities because demand for nuclear fuel is projected to heat up all over the world as countries turn away from fossil fuel-based energy production.

Energy-hungry nations like China and India are committed to ramping up their nuclear energy capacities over the coming decades with India recently reporting it plans to increase its capacity from 4100MW to 40,000MW by 2020 and 63,000MW by 2032.

And Asia isn't the only region in the world turning to nuclear power to meet its increasing energy needs. European and Latin American nations are also considering either increasing existing nuclear capacity or establishing new nuclear programmes.

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