Záujem čínskych investorov o striebro vzrastá

Podľa UBS záujem investorov o striebro opätovne vzrastá, obzvlášť v Číne, ktorá opustila trhy po búrlivých pohyboch ceny bieleho kovu počas roku 2011.

Buying interest in silver is rising, with the metal “benefiting from its status as the higher-beta, cheaper version of gold,” said Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) in a commodities snippet.

According to the Zurich based bank, stronger silver prices are attracting investors, particularly in China, which had vacated the market following violent action in 2011.

Článok: http://www.commodityonline.com/news/chinas-silver-buying-interest-advances-50396-3-50397.html


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