Zlato má potenciál vytvoriť nové maximá už v decembri

Podľa analytikov Saxo Bank má zlato potenciál prelomiť svoje cenové maximum US$1921/oz už v decembri. Rally má pokračovať aj v roku 2013, kedy sa má prelomiť psychologická bariéra US$2000/oz a dosiahnuť technický vrchol v tejto fáze US$2075/oz.

Gold has potential to break all time high of $1,921an ounce during December this year, according to Saxo Bank, a Danish investment bank.

“With the open ended nature of quantitative easing, part three, we see the potential for gold reaching the 2011 high at $1,921/oz during December following an initial period of consolidating as $1,800 offers strong resistance. Into 2013 the rally may eventually take us up and above the physiological barrier of $2,000 before reaching a technical target of $2,075,” they noted.

Článok: www.commodityonline.com/news/gold-has-potential-to-break-all-time-high-during-december-50864-3-50865.html


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