Zlato môže poklesnúť na $1225

Natixis pre rok 2013 predpovedá nasledovné priemerné ceny drahých kovov: zlato: $1225/Oz (-21%), striebro: $21.80/oz (24%), platina: 1700 (9%), paládium: $740 (14%).

Precious metals gained in 2011 on the strength of Central bank buying in developing countries, India and China demand and prospects of further quantitative easing, according to a quarterly review from Natixis.

While PGMs and silver would benefit from growth in automobiles and the rapid roll-out of solar power, gold prices could be put at significant risk if Chinese growth tempted investors to abandon the metal in favour of more productive investments.

Článok: www.commodityonline.com/news/gold-prices-may-fall-to-$1225-silver-2180-in-2013-natixis-49446-3-49447.html


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